The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Hi Divas!

This week I am reviewing something quite different on the blog. I am a huge fan of foam cleansers, as I feel they cleanse my face thoroughly. I have my holy grail foam cleansers that I use daily as they remove all my makeup and dirt without stripping my face from oils or making it dry. I therefore never gravitate to cleansing oils and butters as I feel that these are not necessary for my skincare routine. I also do not like the feeling of heavy oils on my face so I prefer foam cleansers that can be easily washed away with water. If you have sensitive and dry skin, you might love oil and buttery cleansers because you may feel that it is less harsh than a foam cleanser and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I received a box filled with The Body Shop goodies in the mail and one of the products was the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I had no idea how to use it so I set off and did some research. I then tested it out on my face and here is my review.

The cleansing butter is packaged in a silver tin and holds 90 ml of product. I am not really impressed with this type of packaging, because you have to use your finger to scoop out the product which is not very hygienic. If you suffer from acne it would be best to use a spatula to scoop out the product as not to contaminate the tin with bacteria. Nevertheless the tin is not heavy at all and quite flat so it can be easily packed in your travel bag. This cleanser contains chamomile extracts, along with Shea butter and sunflower oil. Chamomile is widely known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. By the way do you remember your mom dabbing chamomile lotion on your chicken pox and skin irritations when you were small? I certainly do! ;-) Shea butter of cause is famous for adding intense moisture and containing vitamins and fatty acids just like sunflower oil to nourish your skin. The butter contains fragrances too which are actually really lovely. It has a clean floral smell that is not overpowering but very gentle on the senses.

 The product has a smooth wax type of texture. It is very soft and you can pick up the product easily with your fingers. The cleansing butter melts fairly quickly on skin contact and turns into a oil once rubbed in the warmth of your hands. As I mentioned above I am not a fan of oil cleansers, so I was super sceptical about this product. The one thing that bugs me most about oil cleansers is the fact that I prefer to wash my face with water. I hardly use cleaning wipes and muslin cloths as I feel it is a waste to the environment. As you know, water and oil is not a good combination. So before using this product I was worried that the product would not rinse off well with water and I may need a cleansing wipe to remove the product off my face.

I decided to test this with a full face of makeup. I scooped out a bit of product onto my hands and rubbed it all over my face in circular motions. To my surprise the butter broke down my heavy makeup, from my foundation to my stubborn eyeliner around my eyes. The oil felt very smooth and gentle on my face. It did not irritate my eye area or clog up my pores. Now came the real test, which was using water. After I felt I broke down most of my makeup I then rinsed my face. The water actually removed the cleanser easily. There was no unwanted residue on my skin. I then used my face cloth to dry my face and wipe off any excess eyeliner around my eyes. I was quite impressed with the job the cleanser did. My face looked and felt clean. There was no layer of excess oil on my face.

Since I am not a fan of oil cleansers, I decided to test this out on my makeup brushes. I added some product to my brushes to see if it will break down the makeup and give it a deep cleanse. Unfortunately this did not work well in cleansing my brushes. It left a oil type of residue on them, which is weird because it does not leave a oil residue on my face. I think the oils just clung to the brush fibres with more vigor. So I had to go in a second time and clean the brushes again to get rid of the oil. To conclude this blog post I recommend this product if you are a huge fan of oil cleanses as this one did a great job in melting off makeup and cleansing my face. If you do not have access to water for whatever reason this too is a great product to use with a muslin cloth or cleansing wipes. I personally would not buy this as I am set in my foam cleanser ways but if you adore these types of products definitely check it out.

Hope you found my review helpful.
Divalicious kisses!

Becca 2 in 1 Base Coat and Becca Dancing BareFoot Nailpolish Review

Becca 2 in 1 Base Coat and
Becca Dancing BareFoot Nailpolish

Hello Divas!

Did you know Becca sold nail polishes? Well neither did I! I have only ever seen their amazing highlighters and skin perfectors on the interwebs. When I won a Becca hamper back in the day I was so surprised that they threw in some nail products. I was excited and a bit hesitant to try them as I have my holy grail nail polishes and didn't know if they would measure up. Some high end brands make really atrocious nail varnishes and I was hoping this would not be the case with Becca. I received a base and top coat in one, along with a peach nail polish in Dancing Barefoot. They are both packaged in a standard nail polish bottle along with a brown matte top to match the Becca cosmetics theme. Each polish contains 15ml of product and comes in a cute brown box.

Becca 2 in 1 Base Coat/ Top Coat
Let me start off by saying I was pleasantly surprised by this base and top coat in one. When I applied it as my base coat, it covered my nails as a lovely protective primer. It has just the right consistency and sheen to wear under a nail colour or on its own. Some base coats are thick and lumpy which make the nail polish difficult to dry and causes bubbles. Other base coats have a dry and matte appearance and therefore chip easily under your nail varnish. This one has a perfect consistency to strengthen nails and adhere to you nail polish. When I used it as a top coat it gave an amazing finish to my manicure. Firstly it did not make the colours of my nail polish run as some top coats do. This can be a real pain if you do nail art like me, and your designs get messed up by smudging and colours mixing together. Again, this has a perfect consistency to seal your manicure and lock in the design. It gives a lovely shine and dries fairly quickly.

Becca Dancing Barefoot Nail Colour
This is a pretty pastel peach shade that would look flattering and elegant on any skin tone. The nail polish is quite thin in texture. It can be painted sheer with one layer or build it up with three coats for an intense shade. This one dries quickly too and applies evenly on the nail. The brush is a perfect size to coat your nails without causing a mess. The colour has a lovely glossy finish. These varnishes are especially formulated to last up to 5 days with no chipping. I was thoroughly impressed with this product. My manicure in the photo below lasted at least three days on my nails without chipping. It would have lasted longer if I didn't have to do housework. What can a girl do? I clean the house with perfectly manicured hands ;-)

I am so super impressed with Becca's nail polish range. Both the base/top coat and Dancing Barefoot nail colour are fabulous. I used the base/top coat with other nail colour brands and it works just as well. It is important to note that they are also Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor and DBP free.I think these are worth every penny. Have you ever used Becca nail products? What do you think of my manicure? I really like it;-) Comment down below!

Lots of Divalicious kisses.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter Review

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
Highlighter Review

Hi Divas!

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer is one of the most iconic highlighters in the beauty universe. It is almost everybody's ride or die highlighter. While I was using this beauty one fine day, I saw I that I  hit pan on it for the first time. I was like hold the phone! I didn't even review this on my blog yet and I already hit pan on this gem. I need to get my life together and do a review ASAP. Luckily I took blog pics way in advance when I first received it. I found them in the archives of my phone and I can now do a thorough review. I know that there are thousands upon thousands of reviews regarding this product, but I want to add my 2 cents as well. Before I start my review I want to say thank you to Tasneem for gifting me this product along with some other goodies for my birthday back in the day. You can read her blog CityGirlVibe here

The Mary Lou Manizer comes in the most cheekiest packaging you will ever see. It's a mugshot of a woman with a retro feel. She probably got arrested for being too damn fine! Or her highlight was blinding everyone and she became a danger to society. Either way, she is not apologetic about anything! She is shinning bright like a diamond. This naughty compact comes with a good size mirror and 8.5g of product. It's a perfect size that can be placed in your handbag. The plastic casing is quite sturdy as well. I have travelled with this compact to the Middle East and it really stood the test of time in my suitcase. It's slim and cute. Definitely one of the favourite things in my makeup bag.

What makes this highlighter so amazing is that it's a three in one product. It can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow and all over shimmer product. The highlighter has a smooth almost buttery texture. It's not tacky or chunky. It has a silky appearance and glides on the skin without accentuating large pores or scars. The shimmers are so finely milled that it is not grainy or powdery either. The colour is described as a honey toned pigment. Honey tones look beautiful on all skin types. On my skin it gives a gorgeous golden glow. It has a luminous glowing from within shine. It is really stunning on the cheekbones. The result is a crisp illuminating pigment which diffuses light and gives a warm glow. When used as an eyeshadow you can seriously layer on the product. I love that you can build as much golden intensity as you want to. When used with a good eyeshadow primer the luminizer can knock any golden eyeshadow out of the park! Things to note about this compact as well is that it is talc free, paraben free and cruelty free too. How can you not fall in love with this?!

As I have mentioned above, the Mary Lou Manizer is perfect for travel. I have travelled with this compact many times and used it has a highlight and eyeshadow in one. Above is one of my signature looks when I want to look glam but have minimal products available. For my travel glam look, I usually place my favourite bb cream all over my face and fill in my eyebrows with a pomade. I then warm up my crease by lightly dusting a blush and bronzer all over it. To add some glam I place the Mary Lou Manizer all over my lids with a eyeshadow brush. I really pack on the colour for an intense shimmery look. I then add liner and my favourite mascara. For my face, I dust some Mary Lou Manizer on my cheekbones and add some blush and bronzer. I also run the highlighter down the bridge of my nose and on top of my lipstick for a more defined glam look.

I am absolutely in love with this highlighter. It is such a great investment and will last you a really long time. I love finding products that I can travel with and that can be used for more than one purpose. Let me know below if you have used this highlighter. I now know why this is everyone's holy grail makeup product ;-)

Lots of Divalicious Kisses

Throw Your Nasty Crusty Makeup Away!

Throw Your Nasty Crusty Makeup Away!

Hi Divas!

I know we all have that one makeup product that no matter what animal species are growing on it, we just refuse to throw it away. Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about. It might be your first foundation colour match you ever bought, or that lipstick that was discontinued two years ago. We all have a cosmetic product that for nostalgic or emotional attachments we just won't let go of. I know it can be hard sometimes because it is in our comfort zone or that product was so damn expensive you don't even want to think of your money going down the drain. As most things in life, including yourself, makeup has an expiry date. It's gonna kick the bucket some day. Most beauty products actually don't have expiry dates printed on them. Therefore it is easy to forget and keep using old makeup. You should take note of when you bought your cosmetics and if the formulas have changed for the worst over time. We all have to be aware that whatever me put on our skin gets absorbed by our bodies. For some our skin is resistant to many things. For others it is a different story and can lead to serious skin infections, breakouts and allergies later in life. Below is a guideline as to when to throw that nasty makeup away!

1.Liquid Foundations and Cream Products: *6-12 Months Lifespan!*. Most foundations come in liquid formulas. The components in liquid products break down and separate faster than dry ingredients. As with cream products such as concealers these can become hard or flakey. Check your makeup to see if your foundation consistency has changed and become lumpy. Sometimes oil would separate from the foundation and sit as a another layer on top. When this happens throw it away.

2. Powder Foundations, Blushes, Bronzers and Loose Setting Powders: *2 Years Lifespan!*. Unlike liquids, powder products last longer as the ingredients are dry and bacteria takes a lot longer to grow on them and break it down. Sometimes powder products can form a layer of crust on them due to oils that we transfer from our skin onto our makeup products. You can scrape the crusty top layer off and the product will be fine underneath. If your powders have been in your makeup draw for more than 2 years, throw it away. Bacteria is still swimming around on it and you do not want to transfer those buggers on your face. Eeww!

3.Eyeshadows: *2 Years Lifespan!*. As with powder products most eyeshadows are dry pigments so bacteria won't break it down quickly. Here again, a top layer of crust may form on your eyeshadow due to oils transferring from your fingers onto the product. You can scrape the top layer off and your eyeshadow will be good as new. If you see that the whole eyeshadow has turned hard and crusty, not just the top layer, then throw it away. That eye infection ain't worth your time!

4. Mascaras: *3 to 6 Months Lifespan*. This is a hard one. I know I struggle to throw my mascara away after 6 months if I feel that I can still get some use out of it. Unfortunately bacteria breeds very quickly in mascaras. We are constantly pumping air into the tubes making it a bacteria's play ground. Mascara formulas therefore break down fairly quickly. To prevent your mascara from expiring in a jiffy, try to not pump your mascara. Rather twist it inside the tube if you need more product. You can tell when mascara has reached its end. When the formula gets hard and very clumpy then it's time to toss that bad boy.

5. Lipsticks: *12 to 18 Months Lifespan!*. Oh gosh, I fail again! I have lipsticks from 2010. Let me just go hide my head in shame. Lipsticks are creams and the formulas tend to change over time. They can become either flakey, separated or start having a watery texture. Sometimes lipsticks change according to the weather as well. It all depends on whether it was stored in a hot humid environment. Lipsticks are also a big breeding ground for bacteria. Excuse me while I purge my old nasty lipsticks.

 6: Eyeliners in Pencil, Creams or Gel Formulas: *6 Months to 2 Years Lifespan!*.  Pencil eyeliners can last for 2 years has they can be sharpened to remove bacteria and make it good as new. Gel liners and cream liners last for about 6 months. They become dry, hard and cracked. If you see your pencil liners and gel liners become crumbly and hard. Throw it away. It's time to move on.

Help you found this helpful.
Lots of love.

Too Faced Bon Bons Palette Review

Too Faced Bon Bons Palette

Hello gorgeous Divas!

This week I bring to you the creme de la creme of all eyeshadow palettes! As most of you may know I am a Too Faced fanatic. All their makeup products speaks to my pink, cute and all things pretty fetishes. When I saw the ultra gorgeous packaging of this beauty, I knew I had to get my hands on it. So how did I obtain the stunning Bon Bons palette you may ask? Well I saved up my spending money and skipped on some lunch and dinner meals, literally! When I was in Qatar back in April, I knew that I wanted to get something sweet from Sephora. In my first few days I was there, I priced this palette and a few other things. It was really expensive and I was debating whether I should get it or not because I didn't want to use my credit card. On my last day in Qatar I had saved some of my spending money and went straight to Sephora and bought the palette with my eyes closed. I knew it was a now or never purchase. Buy or cry, was my motto for the day. At that point I had no more money left to buy lunch, dinner or let alone pay for a taxi back to the hotel. I was hoping that my Qatari boss would take us out for a last supper kind of thing and pay for my meals and give me a ride. He did by the way, hahaha. I left Qatar with a 'broke as heck' face, but with a happy heart because my palette was in my suitcase. Crazy I know. The life of a beauty junkie is real people. ;-D

The Bon Bons palette is the third edition to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette family. What makes it so unique is the breakout packaging from the other two palettes. The original, which I own, and the Semi Sweet chocolate bar palette have the standard chocolate bar blocks engraved on them. They look exactly like a huge slab of delicious chocolate. This one however is pink and covered in embossed hearts. It makes my heart melt whenever I look at it. Did I mention I am a sucker for all things cute, girly and pink? ;-) Thank goodness Too Faced did not change the scent of this one. When you open the palette that decadent cocoa smell hits you in the face just like the original palette. There are 16 eyeshadows, 14 of which are in the heart shaped pans and two in the rectangular shaped pans. It comes with a standard mirror and a how to use pamphlet to give you some makeup ideas and inspirations. The palette is slim and has a magnetic closure. It is sturdy enough to travel with and will look absolutely stunning on any vanity table.

The quality of the eyeshadows definitely does not disappoint. Not only is the packaging absolutely stunning but so is the pigmentation and wearability of the shades.There are 5 true matte shades which are Almond Truffle, Pecan Praline, Bordeaux, Mocha and Malted. There are also 2  borderline matte shades with the tiniest specks of glitter in them, named Cashew Chew and Divinity. The palette has 2 with a metallic finish called Cafe Au Lait and Molasses Chip. Along with those are 6 with a satin finish known as Satin Sheets, Cotton Candy, Sprinkles, Dark Truffle, Totally Fetched and Earl Grey. There is one pop of shimmery glitter called Black Currant which is a deep purple/plum shade. All the eyeshadows are very pigmented and buildable. They are buttery and blend out easily without much effort. I especially love the matte shades in this palette as they are not powdery at all but so smooth and great to work with.

There are many options for lid a colour which makes this palette a treat to use. I love that I will never get bored in creating signature makeup styles. I especially love to use Satin Sheets and Molasses Chip on my eyelids for a gorgeous bright appearance. The pink shades Sprinkle and Cotton Candy look like sparkling strawberry milkshake shades on the eyes. I love using that combination to create a fun and pink romantic look. The colours really stand out on my honey skin tone. The eyeshadows that have created the most hype are of cause Earl Grey and Totally Fetched. These pops of colour are quite unique in the Chocolate bar family. Totally Fetched is a deep fuchsia pink which I love to use as a transition shade. Earl Grey is a lovely dark teal shade which works best in the crease or on the outer V of the eyelid. If you love experimenting with colour and trying out new combinations then this palette is right up your alley.

I wanted to incorporate as many eyeshadows as I could into my makeup look. I prefer doing actual tutorials than swatches on my blog. There are many swatches of the eyeshadows all over the internet if you want a more in depth look. I used 6 eyeshadows to create my look below. I swept Divinity all over my upper lid and brow bow area as a white base to blend my eyeshadows. I placed Satin Sheets right under my brow bone and on the inner corners of my eyes as a highlight. For my transition shade I blended Almond Truffle which is a warm brown mauve and lightly dusted the fuchsia pink Totally Fetched just underneath it and into my crease. For my outer V, I blended Earl Grey on my lids and dragged it to the centre of my eyes. I then placed Molasses Chip on the inner corner of the eyes and dragged it to the centre to merge with Earl Grey. I carefully and gradually blended the edges together in the centre where the two shades meet. I mirrored the look on the bottom lash line as well. I then added eyeliner on the bottom lash line, a dramatic winged liner on the top lash line and added loads of mascara. I have to admit it took me three attempts to perfect this look and i finally got it right. I think it came out pretty good ;-)

To conclude my review, I am utterly in love with this palette. This is a cool toned eyeshadow palette that does not disappoint. It is packed with a lot of gorgeous shades both in the matte and shimmer department. The packaging is perfect and any makeup junkie would be a fool to pass out on it. I give this palette a whole lot of divaliscious kisses. Is it a palette that you definitely need? The answer is No. If you have other eyeshadows similar in your collection to these then you don't really need the palette. Is it a beautiful palette that a makeup junkie should own to add to their collection? The answer is a big fat Yes! Need I say more? ;-)

Lots of Divalicious Kisses

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Range Review

The Body Shop 
Wild Argan Oil
Range Review

Hello Divas!

The Body Shop is one of my favourite body products stores around. Their shower gels and body butters always feel very luxurious and are great value for money. They have an array of different scents to choose from, which I love. You can seriously never get bored in testing and trying out new flavours in the shop. Some smell good enough to eat! I recently came across the Wild Argan Oil range that was relatively new to me. What intrigued me most about the range is the emphasis on argan oil. Argan oil is known for being a liquid gold for hair. I have used many hair care products containing argan oil and it always made my hair feel soft and look shiny and healthy. I had no idea about the benefits it has on the skin, so I was interested to find out.

Argan oil is made from the kernels of an argan oil tree which grows naturally in Morocco. It contains high levels of Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids. These are essential in preventing premature ageing, fading stretch marks, scars and warts and healing all sorts of difficult skin problems. It also prevents split ends in hair, nourishes nails and acts as a natural UV protection on your body. Moroccans have been using this miracle oil for centuries in healing all kinds of different body ailments. I was therefore very excited to find a range from The Body Shop that contains a high concentration of this amazing oil. We are currently deep in the heart of Winter in South Africa and my body and hair definitely needs some extra love and care for these cold months. Below are my reviews on some of the products in the range.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
This shower gel comes in the standard 250ml bottle. It looks very similar to the honey range so do check the label before purchasing it. I personally prefer this scent to the honey shower gel. Argan oil has a difficult scent to describe. It is almost like a warm nutty smell with a hint of sweetness to it. The body wash has a warm and inviting smell. It calms and rejuvenates the senses. This shower gel lathers well and cleanses my skin while leaving it feeling moisturised. I would definitely purchase this over and over again.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub
The scrub is packaged in a 200ml tub. It contains walnut shell powder and argania spinosa shell powder as the exfoliant. The scrub is not sticky or foamy in texture. It dissolves easily on the skin. It is best applied to the body with your hands. Scoop out half a handful on your fingers and rub it on your skin in circular motions. You will feel the exfoliants are rough in texture and remove dead skin cells easily. Once washed off with water your skin is left with an argan oil shine and feeling to it. This scrub is only meant for exfoliating. It does not lather up at all. You will need to use a shower gel to wash your body properly. This is a great product for a quick exfoliating session. I love that it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. It has a stronger scent than the body wash too. Beware that the packaging can get a little messy as it is not in a tube. So be careful when applying it.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil For Body and Hair
Spoiler alert: This is my absolute favourite product from the whole range! This is a solid oil packaged in a 50g metal tin which is perfect for travel. It is described as an oil to nourish dry skin and hair. To be totally honest, I had no idea how to use this product or what it was for so I just kind of tossed it in my cupboard and forgot about it. Until one day, my hands became so unbearably dry and cracked, I was willing to try anything to relieve it. My hands were so dry and cracked from the Winter cold that it would burn and itch when I applied normal hand cream to it. I remembered the solid oil tucked away in my room and I found it hidden deep in my cosmetic case. I had no idea if it would work but I thought I have got nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. 
My goodness! This product worked 10 times better than I ever expected. The product has a margarine like texture. Once applied, your body heat melts it and it soaks into the skin. It turned my crusty hands into a soft baby's bottom overnight! I gave some to my mom to try as she was suffering from the same problem and it healed her very dry hands too. This is seriously a miracle oil! I like to apply it at night before I go sleep and I wake up to gorgeous soft hands in the morning. I am really not exaggerating. This product is amazing on very dry and cracked or inflamed skin. If you are suffering from the same problem do give this product a try. I used a small amount on my hair and I did not like the result. I think it was a little bit too sticky and heavy for my hair type. If you have a thicker and coarser hair type than mine you might like this product on your hair. I give this full marks on my skin though.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter
This body butter was a bit lack lustre for me. Don't get me wrong. The body butter ticks all the boxes in the nourishing and moisturising department but the product didn't 'wow' me at all. I love The Body Shop's body butters. They always smell amazing and leave my skin feeling so good. This one however does not smell like anything at all. While I was applying it I was excited for that Argan scent but to my disappointment it was so subtle and completely 'meh'. The body butter moisturised my skin but I didn't get any amazing results. It's an average body butter. You will find much better ones in the other ranges at the store.


My favourite product out of the range is definitely the Miracle Solid Oil. I urge you to give this product a try. It really saved me from embarrassing Winter wrinkled hands;-) Have you seen or tried any of this range? Let me know below.

Thank you so much for reading beauties. 
Hope you found my reviews helpful.
Lots of love. Xxxx

All About Sheet Masks: Etude House, Innisfree, Beyond and Tony Moly

All About Sheet Masks:
Etude House, Innisfree, Beyond and Tony Moly

Hello Divas!

This week on the blog we will learn and explore all about Sheet Masks. Sheet Masks have been all the rage lately. Koreans were the first to pioneer it and the masks have been one of their skincare essentials for years. The Western World has only recently caught on the sheet mask craze. I first found out about sheet masks when I started exploring the world of Korean cosmetics. The first time I saw and used a sheet mask, 2 years ago, I was super scared. I did not know how to apply it and if it will be too harsh for my skin or not. Plus the instructions were in Korean so I didn't know what the heck was going on. I decided to cross my fingers and my toes and give it a go! To my surprise, sheet masks was the best thing that happened to my skincare routine. I am now 100% hooked! In the Asian markets there are hundreds of different types of sheet masks all catering to an array of skin types and needs. Today I will introduce and share some of my favourites with you.

What is a Sheet Mask?
Sheet masks are cotton fibre sheets that are soaked in essences or serums. These serums or essences are usually liquid in texture and contain active ingredients which hydrate, soothe and treat problem skin. Think of it as a facial in a packet! Most sheet masks contain natural ingredients, that once opened you cannot use it again. Each sheet mask is meant to be used once and thrown away as it may expire or allow bacteria to grow on it. Choose a sheet mask that is most suited to your skin type or skin concern. If you are suffering from dry skin, try a shea butter or hyaluronic acid sheet mask to provide extra moisture to your skin. If you have tired and dark spots, then try a lemon or pearl mask for brightening.

How to use a Sheet Mask?
 The application is very easy. All you have to do is tear the mask packet, carefully take out and unfold the sheet mask. Depending on the brand, some sheet masks can be thin and break easily. Other sheet masks are quite runny and can drip on your clothes or down your neck. Make sure you are not wearing your Sunday best when doing your mask. Place the sheet mask on your clean and washed face. You will see holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. Most sheet masks don't fit perfectly as each face shape is different. You can adjust the sheet mask to fit your profile the way you want it too. Once it is on your face, you can leave it on for 20 minutes and have some tea, read a book or just relax. I like to leave mine on for 30 minutes. When the time has passed, remove the mask sheet and throw it away. You can squeeze the excess serum into your hand and gently pat it on your face. Do not wash the serum off. Leave it to soak into your skin for the rest of the day or night. You can go about doing your normal skincare routine such as applying creams and makeup if you want to.

Why Sheet Masks? What's the hype?
Sheet masks are by no means a miracle worker. If you have serious problem skin it is best to visit your dermatologist and get proper treatment. I see sheet masks as a convenient way to give yourself an at home spa treatment. It is a great pick me up for tired and dehydrated skin. Your face will look radiant and feel so good after a sheet mask. It is a temporary solution to your skin problem. I love to wear my sheet mask at night and leave the essence to soak into my skin. In the morning my face feels super hydrated, brightened and perky. If you don't go for regular facials at a spa then this is a great way to give your skin an extra boost or some extra love and care. Plus sheet masking is so much fun! There are many types to choose from and I love trying new things. A lot of Korean sheet masks have cute and interesting packaging which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

My favourite Korean Sheet Masks:

Tony Moly I'm Real Lemon Mask Sheet Brightening: The cotton fibre of this mask is very thin in texture and can break easily. It is also very juicy and has a tendency to drip down the neck if you are not careful. What I love about this mask is the affordable price and the packaging. Everything about Tony Moly is always so cute. This mask is great for dull and tired skin. It contains lemon extracts which brighten and refreshes the face. This is a great and fun pick me up mask! It does not contain parabens and it is not tested on animals. Tony Moly masks are available at Sephora.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Black Berry: Innisfree is my absolute favourite Korean skincare brand. All their products are amazing. The Blackberry sheet mask contains jeju complex which is green tea, cactus, tangerine, camellia leaves and orchids all rolled into one. This mask promises to give clear and bright skin while adding extra moisture. It does not contain parabens or test on animals too.

Etude House I Need You Vita Complex: This is another affordable brand with cute packaging. It does not contain parabens or test on animals as well. This mask contains vitamins to brighten and create skin vitality. The most important ingredient is niacinamide also known as vitamin B3 which is known to clear acne prone skin, facial blemishes and discolouration.

Beyond The Real Pomegranate: Pomegranates are known for their anti ageing benefits on the skin. This mask contains pomegranate extract, B1 and B2 vitamin complex for a firmer and more energized skin tone. The cotton fibre is thicker than other masks and it fits quite snug on the face. It has a great smell and the serum absorbs quickly into the skin. It does not contain parabens nor test on animals.

I scared my grandma!!!! 
Yes indeed! I literally scared my grandma. I crept up on her while she was sitting at the kitchen table and gave her the biggest fright of her life! Lol ;-D I love sheet masks and will buy them over and over and over again. There are many great western sheet masks available at Clicks and Dischem stores in South Africa now. I haven't tried them yet but will soon. I purchase all my Korean sheet masks from Ebay and they are available on Amazon too. Maybe I will do a follow up post and compare a western brand one to an Asian one. I think that would be a great idea.

Let me know if you tried any sheet masks below
Hope you found this LONG review helpful ;-)